About DynaChem

Advanced Chemical Solutions for Oil Exploration & Production

Founded in 2001 upon the spirit of innovation, DynaChem provides advanced chemical solutions to Oil Exploration & Production companies across the United States. Since 2001, we have manufactured high performance complex chemicals, evolving into an industry leader among oilfield chemical suppliers, offering production chemicals, water treatment, and drilling products. In addition to second-to-none formulation and well-site service, DynaChem’s world-class technical services include field testing, diagnosis, system monitoring and laboratory analysis.

Our Evolution

The Intersection of Innovation and Service




Quickly recognized as an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of a diverse suite of solid chemical solutions, DynaChem experienced significant growth over the course of the next decade and expanded its reach nationwide.



DynaChem shifted its focus to more specialized services, staying at the forefront of innovation as extraction techniques were rapidly evolving and the demand for solid chemistry would increase with advancements in artificial lift systems, becoming a leader in chemical consulting and chemical optimization services.



Identifying a shortage of distributors able to provide formulary and application expertise, DynaChem launched its wholesale operations and strategically positioned itself to expand into a full-service production chemical solutions provider.



Transitioning to a full-service chemical provider, DynaChem secured the capitalization necessary to meet the demands of the largest operators in the US and has since realized very deliberate, but rapid growth.



Continually improving its processes, expanding its team, and positioning the company for the ability to sustain rapid growth in existing service areas, DynaChem began the process of identifying new markets of interest.



DynaChem entered into an agreement to merge with an organization that owns several strong O&G service companies. The merger added 4 new service districts in already targeted markets.



DynaChem has invested in an additional manufacturing facility to facilitate our recently added service districts, adding a New Blend Plant, and nearing completion of a new state of the art laboratory to expand our analysis offerings.

DynaChem Solutions service districts map

Built in America’s Heartland

Strategically Positioned to Provide the Best Possible Service

Fairview, OK
Mid-Con Regional Office

Midland, TX
Corporate Headquarters

Service Districts

Growing to meet the ever-growing demand by our clientele

Carlsbad, NM
North Permian Service District

Monahans, TX
South Permian Service District

Dilley, TX
Eagle Ford Service District

Lindsay, OK
SCOOP Service District

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Each Service Area is Equipped with:

  • 1 Service Truck per Employee
  • Gooseneck Delivery Trailers
  • Batch Treatment Trucks (3500 psi)
  • Forklift(s)

Blend Plants are Equipped with:

  • Chemical Vats
  • Chemical Blenders
  • Forklifts
  • Chemical Transfer Pumps
  • Lab Equipment (for QA/QC)

Our People

Featuring a Combined 100+ Years Experience Providing Petrochemical Services

  • EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL – Our employee training philosophy starts with the goal of hiring industry veteran personnel. Our Leadership team features robust experience managing complex logistics

  • COMPREHENSIVE ORIENTATION – Every new hire participates in our comprehensive orientation in the areas of transportation, maintenance, handling, well-site operations.

  • TASK-SPECIFIC SHADOW PROGRAM – New employees are required to complete our Task-Specific Shadow Program with senior members of our team before undertaking solo operations.

  • CONTINUING EDUCATION – Training never stops and DynaChem conducts quarterly education programs in areas ranging from field safety to technical chemistry.

  • SUCCESS STORIES – Our personnel hold a variety of advanced positions and accolades within the industry, including:

  • Certified H₂S Instructor
  • Completion of Dr. Frank Perry’s Hydrogen Sulfide Master course
  • Designer-holder: “Decontamination and Re-Use of Recycled Oilfield Pit Water”
  • NACE certified Internal Corrosion Specialist
  • NCCER (ICTP) Trainer
  • Numerous Veriforce certificates
  • Completion of the University of Oklahoma’s Internal Corrosion Course

Our People

dynachem personnel

Commitment to Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Prioritizing Environmental Protection and the Safety of our Employees and Customers

Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities are an indispensable component of DynaChem’s commitment to the highest levels of integrity, addressing every phase of well-site operations and chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal. We empower our team with the tools necessary to ensure safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly operations.

Our HSE programs are implemented and monitored by an in-field Safety Director with guidance from our corporate office. We continually review internal performance indicators and utilize independent contractors and outside consultants to provide unbiased audits of our facilities, practices and records.

The DynaChem Advantage

Proven Science Delivered through Exceptional Service

  • Purpose – DynaChem has assembled an all-star team of technical experts and operations veterans to deliver producers operating in the most challenging environments with the most cost-effective chemistry solutions in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Precision – From thorough analysis of raw materials to confirm compliance with our extremely high internal standards to the testing of finished products to ensure effectiveness in the environments in which they are designed to react, DynaChem’s Quality Control maximizes optimization and eliminates waste.

  • Integrity – Committed to relationships rather than simply revenue and contrasted against complacency commonplace in our industry, DynaChem instills the highest ethical standards throughout all levels of our organization – undertaking each day of operations as if it is our first on our customers’ vendor list.

As leaders in the petrochemical industry, many of the methods developed by DynaChem have become the new standard across the areas in which they were developed. Our mission is to optimize applications to lower production chemical expenditure and increase responsibilities across the entirety of our client’s chemical usage programs.