New Standards Across the Industry

Providing chemical solutions for reliable flow assurance, phase separation and asset integrity, DynaChem is committed to long-term relationships, continually investing in the infrastructure necessary to meet even the most specialized needs of the operators we serve. DynaChem instills the highest ethical standards throughout all levels of our organization – undertaking each day of operations as if it is our first on our customers’ vendor list.

As leaders in the petrochemical industry who have built our reputation by defining, rather than reacting to, changes in the production chemical business, we focus on yielding optimal results for success. With a revolutionary approach that examines all aspects of the site’s conditions, we rely on field testing that includes a comprehensive survey of the production services equipment as well as state of the art laboratory analysis, remaining fully committed to a future of strategic growth and evolution.

Creating new standards across the industry with our proprietary formulations and ability to tackle complex projects, we provide cost-effective chemistry solutions and mitigation plans, optimizing applications, lowering production chemical expenditure, and increasing responsibilities across the entirety of our client’s chemical usage programs. 

DynaChem Facilities and Equipment Specifications

DynaChem’s team treats flowback fluids, drilling fluid, commercial SWD’s and provides chemical solutions all across the country. In addition to the execution of chemical injection installation and treatment, as well as monitoring of thousands of wells across our service areas, DynaChem operates with the unwavering belief that customer service is every bit as important as the products provided to every client.

Headquartered in Midland, TX, and growing to meet the ever-growing demand by our clientele, DynaChem provides service districts that are strategically placed in our service areas in order to provide rapid-response experience and innovation. Often onsite within hours, our commitment to service is coupled with our experience and knowledge. In an industry where disruptions in production have widespread impacts, we deliver chemical solutions in a timely manner. 

Corporate HQ Lab Equipment

  • ICP-MS
  • XRF
  • Phase Analyzer
  • FTIR
  • PIDs
  • FIDs

DynaChem Facilities and Equipment Specifications

chemical storage
DynaChem Solutions service districts map

Built in America’s Heartland

Strategically Positioned to Provide the Best Possible Service

Fairview, OK
Mid-Con Regional Office

Midland, TX
Corporate Headquarters

Service Districts

Growing to meet the ever-growing demand by our clientele

Carlsbad, NM
North Permian Service District

Monahans, TX
South Permian Service District

Dilley, TX
Eagle Ford Service District

Lindsay, OK
SCOOP Service District

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Each Service Area is Equipped with:

  • 1 Service Truck per Employee
  • Gooseneck Delivery Trailers
  • Batch Treatment Trucks (3500 psi)
  • Forklift(s)

Blend Plants are Equipped with:

  • Chemical Vats
  • Chemical Blenders
  • Forklifts
  • Chemical Transfer Pumps
  • Lab Equipment (for QA/QC)

Commitment to Safety and Environmental Responsibility

At DynaChem, our experienced personnel feature over 100 years in the petrochemical industry and our leadership team features robust experience managing complex logistics, from transportation, maintenance, handling, well-site operations and much more. Dedicated to creating a workforce of well-trained professionals, we provide a comprehensive orientation and task-specific shadow program that is enhanced by ongoing continuing education programs ranging from field safety to technical chemistry. 

DynaChem team members have historically authored plans including:

  • Water Treatment
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Data Interpretation
  • Demand Studies
  • Chemical Recommendations

DynaChem’s personnel hold a variety of advanced positions and accolades within the industry, including:

  • Certified H₂S Instructor

  • Completion of Dr. Frank Perry’s Hydrogen Sulfide Master course
  • Designer-holder: “Decontamination and Re-Use of Recycled Oilfield Pit Water”
  • NACE certified Internal Corrosion Specialist
  • NCCER (ICTP) Trainer
  • Numerous Veriforce certificates
  • Completion of the University of Oklahoma’s Internal Corrosion Course

Positioned for Growth

Focused on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships rather than maximizing short-term revenues, our team seeks to build on our prior successes and solidify DynaChem as a preferred partner with operators across the country. Our mission is to optimize applications to lower monthly production chemical expenditure and earn the trust necessary to increase responsibilities across the entirety of our client’s chemical usage programs.  

Maintaining that commitment to our clients, DynaChem provides the following standard utilization rates, (contingent upon chemical usage and geographical location of wells), with growth projected over 90% during the next 12 months to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

  • 1 Field Technician per every 100 wells serviced
  • 1 Plant/Delivery Staff per every 150 wells serviced

With the growth realized by DynaChem, we have added a New Blend Plant to facilitate our growing service districts and are nearing completion of a new state of the art laboratory, to expand our analysis offerings and cement our place as an industry leader in production chemical, water treatment, and drilling products.

Founded upon the same spirit of innovation that drives our company today, DynaChem strives to provide advanced solid chemical solutions to Exploration & Production companies across the United States. Positioned as an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of a diverse suite of solid and viscous chemical solutions, DynaChem has seized the opportunity to transition to a full-service chemical provider, assembling a team of extremely gifted, well-respected industry veterans eager to play a role in defining the future of production chemicals.