How Scale Inhibitors Benefit Oilfield Production

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Scale deposits are the most common and most troublesome damage problems in the oilfield. These deposits can occur in both production and injection wells, as solid deposits grow over time, blocking and hindering fluid flow through pipelines, valves and pumps, reducing production rates and leading to equipment damages.

Phase Separation Chemicals 101

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Crude oil and natural gas are often found in the same location when drilling, but because of their different densities, it is necessary to separate them from one another. Since this involves a liquid and a gas, the separation process is physical, although due to the presence of water in the production process, chemicals are necessary to separate crude oil from fluids.

The Impact of Bacteria in Oil & Gas Production

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Bacteria can present numerous concerns in oil and gas production, causing significant impact to equipment and production systems. Exploration and production is conducted alongside living eco-systems whose byproducts can cause tremendous damage, therefore it becomes necessary to introduce various biocide chemicals into the production process to maintain successful operations.

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